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Todos los secretos de Miami

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Miami is a metropolis, full of cultural diversity, known for its movement and Latin warmth, tanned under the beautiful sun and seasoned with an exciting nightlife. Identified as financial and commercial focus of Florida, Miami has grown exponentially during recent years, taken advantage of the remarkable resource that it has, being the most notably U.S. Hispanic city, has a special and unique confluence of language, music and Latin flavor.

The airport that it has is one of the largest in the country receiving millions of tourists annually expectantly to enjoy the sun, the beach and the atmosphere of this charming city.

Attractions in Miami

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Things to do in Miami

Miami is divided into 4 representative areas, divided from east to west on Flagler Street and from north to south on Miami Avenue, within these sections are well known Coral Gabes, as a significant passage of mansions and elegancy, Miami Beach where you can find Art Deco flagship buildings around South Beach.

Bayside in the port town promoting his continuous trips and recreational activities, and Little Havana a Latin and Cuban neighborhood that with his name says it all.

Miami Party

The nightlife constitutes one of the most attractive activities on the city, where a lot of clubs are available to satisfy all tastes; no matter what time it is you can enjoy spectacular parties all around the beach.

The streets in Miami are permanently full of entertainment and fun, the best clubs, pubs, bars, discos, casinos and hotels compete to present the most spectacular performances of Salsa, rock and jazz.

Miami Shopping

As one of the activities that Miami has center their attention in, the business area play a vital role, giving the opportunity to the shopping malls, specialized stores, restaurants and entertainment center for all ages, where you can go to watch and to appreciate all the high quality products or just to have a cup of coffee and relax.

There is a lot of places you may know, created by great designers and adapted to provided you the best shopping experience, and the Downtown offer everything to you, all kind of stores, boutiques, and the best projects of some famous artist who came to Miami to install their fashion stores and VIP Clubs.

Miami Restaurants

There’s is a lot of restaurants in Miami where the predominant influence is the Mexican and Cuban food, there is three the most representative sectors and where are located a lot of the restaurants, by the Lincoln Road we could find restaurants side by side of the street where several of them share the multicultural rhythm of Latin and international cuisine.

Miami Clubs/Bars

The Clubs, bars and discos compose another attractive of the city, mysterious, fun and spice scenarios are part of the night life to each visitor, who could pick between all kind of music and entertainment.

Miami Hotels

The tourism is the most important incoming activity of Miami; the most complete resorts are located here, built for provided a satisfactory staying. The most newest designs and the high technology is used to make you feel the best as possible during your family or business vacations.

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