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Miami International Mango Festival

The Miami International Mango Festival is one of the most popular events of the summer in Miami. It takes place at the 83-acre Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden which houses the most extensive collection of tropical and rare plants, trees and flowers in the region. The festival itself is held every year in July for two days and features the world's largest collection of mangoes from the state of Florida, but also from all over the world.

Throughout the Miami International Mango Festival, there are many activities and events planned that are sure to please mango-lovers, foodies, gardeners and many types of visitors. Those who want to learn everything there is to know about the mango, which is the "king of fruits", can attend one of the many panels and workshops scheduled throughout the festival. The discussions treat a wide variety of subjects such as mangoes from all over the world, but also how to grow and cultivate mangoes.

Miami International Mango Festival

In addition to lectures, there are many cooking and culinary demonstrations available by many of Miami's most notable chefs, who use a wide variety of fresh mangoes to cook up many great mango specialties and dishes from all over the world.

Many mango lovers will be happy to know that the Miami International Mango Festival is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for their taste buds. There are many mango tastings and flavor evaluations during the festival. The finest quality mangoes are picked by the organizers and are cut fresh daily to be tasted by the public. Tasters can then evaluate the mangoes by casting their vote for their favorite kind. Visitors will get to learn how shapes, colors and textures of the mango influence its quality and taste.

Another wonderful event that will provide an explosion of aroma and taste is the annual Mango brunch which features the dishes of some of Miami's top restaurant chefs, which demonstrate the many ways the mango can be incorporated into many types of meals and dishes. This is a very popular event at the Miami International Mango Festival which draws in a great number of people; therefore those who want to attend should book their tickets in advance.

Miami International Mango Festival

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, where the festival is held has the most extensive collection of mango trees in the world with over 500 varieties cultivated at the botanical garden's scientific and outreach facility. Over 100 of these varieties and any other mango types will be available at the International Fruit Market where visitors can pick up and buy ready to eat mangoes to take home and indulge at their leisure.

The Miami International Mango Festival also features the world's only mango auction where buyers can bid on their favorite mangoes and learn all about the exciting world of mangoes. Those looking to buy mango-related products can do so in Mangoville which takes place at the Garden House Lawn. There they can pick up a mango–related souvenir or gift such as some great art, hats and designs. There are delicious mango foods, snacks and desserts from a number of international food vendors.

The Miami International Mango Festival also has many children's activities such as live theater and making mango-related art, where they are sure to have a blast, but also numerous musical and live performances scheduled throughout the festival which make the event even more fun and enjoyable.

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