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Weather in Miami

Miami weather is one of the most coveted in the country especially in the winter. In fact, the city's entire tourism industry is based on its clement weather and the high season for tourism in Miami is between December and April.Since Miami winters are so warm and sunny, snowbirds from all over the United States love to travel to Miami during this time and find refuge in its sandy beaches and warm waters.

The wintertime in Miami is a great time to go to the beach, and South Beach is one of the most popular destinations with its miles of beautiful beaches and throngs of tourists coming in from all over the world. Thanks to warm water temperatures in the 70s, swimming and engaging in various water activities is both fun and comfortable.
In the wintertime between December and March, Miami temperature highs range from the low 70s to the high 70s. Even temperature lows are comfortable and range between the high 50s to the low 60s. Miami is well known for being one of the only US cities to have never accumulated snow, but it did record snow flurries once on January 19, 1977.

Miami Beaches - Atractions in Miami

Although Miami is known for having some of the most abundant rainfall in the US, most of this is in the summer, with winter only getting on average between 2.18 to 2.56 inches of rain a year.
Miami summers, by contrast are very hot and humid with average humidity around 85 percent. The high humidity makes the already high temperatures between the mid and high 80s seem even hotter and almost unbearable. This weather explains why tourists tend to shy away from Miami during the summer and prefer to come when the weather is more forgiving. This means that flight and hotel prices during this time of year tend to be the lowest, so if you're on a budget, this is the time to go to Miami.

While days in the Miami summer can be very hot and humid, thankfully, there are usually thunderstorms in the afternoon which can bring some relief. There's also the occasional sea breeze from the Atlantic Ocean which can cool down even the hottest Miami summer day.
If you're in Miami during the summer, you should take advantage of the inclement weather to visit its many museums and indoor attractions. But always take an umbrella out with you or a raincoat even when it's seemingly nice out during the day because the weather can abruptly change and you could get stuck in the rain in a matter of minutes. The largest amount of rainfall occurs during the summer in Miami, especially in August and September. The average rainfall between June and August is over 8 inches.

Miami Beaches - Atractions in Miami

Summer in Miami also means hurricane season which officially runs from June 1 until November 30. In recent years, Miami has been spared by direct hurricane hits; the last one occurring in 1964 by Hurricane Cleo. However, the city experienced damage from many other hurricanes, most recently by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Because of its location between two major bodies of water, both having a lot of tropical activity, Miami is the statistically the US city most likely to be hit by a hurricane. It's also one of three most vulnerable US cities to hurricanes along with New York City and New Orleans.

If you're planning on traveling to Miami during the summer, you shouldn't book your trip too far in advance in case there are hurricane warnings, and always check the weather before heading out.
If you want to visit Miami on a budget but don't want to deal with muggy weather and hurricanes, consider going to Miami between April and May. The springtime can get hot in Miami with temperatures averaging in the 80s, but there isn't a lot of rainfall and you can still enjoy the beach and most of the sites. Prices for everything from flight, hotels, and restaurants tend to drop after April, so take advantage of that.

Miami Beaches - Atractions in Miami

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